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    Argentine Basketball League: OTC receives Villa San Martín

    Argentine Basketball League: OTC receives Villa San Martín

    Oberá Tenis Club (OTC) and Villa San Martín play the third point of the series that is 1-1. It will be this Wednesday from 21.30, the game corresponds to the reclassification play-off of the North Conference.

    The missionary representative, will face once again his Chaqueño par, will be the ninth time in the true season. In this case, the room in the house of “Celeste” where very tight results were given (seventy eight-seventy two, seventy one-seventy five, 77-Eighty).

    Those led by Kuperman, managed to match the 1-1 series, being the only one in the whole reclassification that is empardada, which marks the same of both teams.

    It will be an important match that will tip the balance to one side. The venue will have the encouragement of its public, which is traditional at this stage of the tournament.

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    Antonio Mohamed resigned and stopped being the coach of Hurrican

    Antonio Mohamed resigned and stopped being the coach of Hurrican

    The Turk announced after the elimination in the Copa Libertadores that will step aside. “I could not reach the players,” he said at a press conference.


    Antonio Mohamed presented the resignation as technical director of Hurricane, after the defeat against Emelec that left him eliminated from the Copa Libertadores. “I’m going to step aside,” he said at the press conference.

    The Turkish numbers explain his departure: he led 18 games (won two, drew six and lost 10), with eleven goals to favor and 25 against. His arrival in January, to replace Gustavo Alfaro, had awakened another kind of expectation in a palntel that was going through a great moment.

    In this short stay, Mohamed was out of the Super League Cup against San Lorenzo and now also the Libertadores. In the end of the season it reached to scratch the classification to the South American 2020 by the descent of Tigre, although it is subject to the ruling of the Disciplinary Tribunal.

    (Source: TyC Sports)

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    Scioli met with Peronist union leaders

    Scioli met with Peronist union leaders

    Daniel Scioli today held a meeting with union leaders who are part of the sixty two Justicialist Organizations, headed by its owner, Horacio Valdez, in which he argued that “the Government made the toughest labor reform, which has been to lower wages in a 50 percent in dollars with respect to 2015 and have increased unemployment, “at the headquarters of the Workers’ Union of Glass, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Boedo.

    “What would have happened to workers ‘lives if most of the union organizations had not taken to the streets to defend their workers in these years,” Scioli asked dozens of workers’ representatives.

    “We talk about the problems that the working class has, with the fall of industrial activity and consumption, the loss of jobs, the closures of businesses and businesses and how it is difficult for them to make ends meet. Horacio (Valdez) told me the emblematic case of the closure of six companies in the glass sector, five of which closed for the tariff, “summarized Scioli.

    The presidential candidate said that “we agree that there is no developed country with low wages, that no labor reform can be done affecting the rights of workers, that national development is achieved through production, and that only a Peronist government can restore their dignity. “

    In that context, he added that “there is another way, which is to put the interests of the Argentines first, since they are the ones who, with their work and effort, will raise Argentina again”.

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    Hurricane deepened its crisis: lost with Emelec and was eliminated from the Copa Libertadores

    Hurricane deepened its crisis: lost with Emelec and was eliminated from the Copa Libertadores

    With goals from Jordan Jaime and Angulo, the Ecuadorian team won by 2 to 1 in Parque Patricios. Lucas Gamba discounted for the cast of Mohamed. The Globe was last in his group and will not play the Copa Sudamericana either

    In spite of not having obtained any victory in his first four presentations Hurricane received Emelec with the illusion of acquiring his first victory in the Copa Libertadores that illuminates the hopes of achieving qualification to the closing eighth of the continental tournament.

    The defeat by penalties against San Lorenzo that marked his farewell in the Superliga Cup left an open wound and the duel against the Ecuadorian team was presented as the best chance to reverse the terrible present of the cast led by Antonio Mohamed.

    However, at 10 minutes of the first time Gorman Estacio Alegría silenced Tomás Adolfo Ducó with a shot that left Pellegrino without chances. Only because of the error of the line judge Cañete the game remained equal, given that the position of the attacker seemed correct when the action began. As the referee Samaniego observed the flag in high of his partner, the Paraguayan annulled the goal to resume the fight with an indirect free kick. The Globe still had the opportunity to take off

    The answers quemeras arrived at the feet of Andrés Chávez and the head of Lucas Gamba. The former Boca demanded Dreer with a low shot that the goalkeeper deflected with his legs, while the forward with a Union pass looked through the airway, but the experienced native from Godoy Cruz showed his safety without giving any rebound.

    The problem was installed 34 minutes into the first half. A corner shot executed by Joel Lopez found the integrity of Jordan Jaime, who dislodged Pellegrino and celebrated the surprise 1 to 0. From that moment the desperation settled in Parque Patricios.

    In the complement Angulo had the opportunity to extend the difference, but the significant reaction of the former goalkeeper of Arsenal avoided the conquest of Emelec. Hurricane still had no answers and his future was increasingly compromised.

    That threat that had occurred in the resumption of the lawsuit was finalized when averaging the second part. An extraordinary offensive combination allowed the attacker from Guayaquil to be associated with Matamoros and materialize the Ecuadorian triumph and the Argentine elimination. Once again, the Globe was punctured before taking off.

    Despite the anecdotal of both Lucas Gamba, Hurricane was last in his group and continues without raising his head. Without Libertadores, without South American and without the Superliga Cup it is installed on the continuity of the coach. In the extensive list of shortfalls that the Parque Patricios entity has can be added the name of the Turkish Mohamed.

    (Source: Infobae)

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    Vialidad expands its works program in Posadas

    Vialidad expands its works program in Posadas

    The Provincial Department of Roads (DPV) reported that it continues carrying out works of different magnitude in the city of Posadas.

    In this way, the road teams are working on the construction of docks for urban passenger transport on Itaembé Miní a hundred and seventy avenue. The works are part of the thought of integral repair of the entire artery that will be executed in stages.

    On the other hand, the pavement works on cobblestone were restarted in the access road to the Néstor Kirchner neighborhood of Posadas. The works are carried out by sections, which allows to interrupt the traffic only in a temporary and programmed way.

    Meanwhile, on Avenida López Torres, at Monteagudo de Posadas, Vialidad placed joint joints between the existing pavement and the recently constructed concrete docks. In this way the surface of the roadway does not present unevenness. In the place the work has been finished and it is enabled.

    Also the avenida 17 de Agosto de Posadas looks completely renovated with replacement of lights. From avenue Cocomarola to RN 12 collector, Vialidad modernized the street lighting system by installing Forty two Led luminaires and repairing the internal wiring of each column.

    The DPV continues to restore shoulders in the urban section of RP No. 213 from Cabo de Hornos avenue to Juan Manuel Fangio avenue. The teams also fixed streets in poor condition that are in the inner part of the South Argentine neighborhood.

    In addition, the asphalt plant team performed patching on street No. 141 intersection with Andresito Avenue. In this way, it responds quickly to an order made by the neighbors of the place.




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    The “Finito” Gehrmann sports center already has roofed shuffleboard courts and a new space for beach volleyball

    The “Finito” Gehrmann sports center already has roofed shuffleboard courts and a new space for beach volleyball

    The Ministry of Sports opened this afternoon infrastructure works in the sports center Ernesto “Finito” Gehrmann, in the city of Posadas. Minister Rafael Morgenstern, together with the president of the Social Security Institute (IPS), Dr. Carlos Arce, toured and left the shuffleboard courts, beach volleyball and common spaces.

    Realized with resources of the Provincial State and executed by the Total Direction of Architecture of the province, the works include the roof of the shuffleboard courts, the construction of a beach volleyball court with regulatory measures and lighting, and common areas in the courtyard of the sports center.

    The Minister of Sports stressed the commitment of the Provincial State to continue specifying sports infrastructure works for the benefit of athletes and in this case also of older adults.

    “I thank Governor Hugo Passalacqua and all the government areas of the province for allowing us to specify more spaces for sports, which are always very important steps,” said Morgenstern.

    “We fulfilled a commitment we had with older adults to be able to roof the shuffleboard so that they are sheltered, they can play and entertain themselves in the best conditions and then represent us in the country,” he added.

    He also said that the new beach volleyball court means “a leap in quality and growth because there are many kids who represent us very well, so now they have more space to train all year round in the best conditions”.

    Morgenstern and Arce were accompanied by Ernesto “Finito” Gehrmann, older adults who practice disciplines of the modality, younger people who work in beach volleyball.

    The yew forms part of the Missionary Sports Games, in the modality senior citizens, with projection to the National Games Evita, where year after year the province has a marked representation. From now on older adults have a space in optimal conditions to protect themselves from the sun and the rains.

    For its part, beach volleyball is also part of the Missionary Sports Games, with national projection, and at the same time, through the actions of the Volleyball Federation, the province has been registering a marked growth in the discipline, both in internal competition as in representation tournaments, such as the National Beach Games and Argentine competitions.

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    Co-Cinema Between Borders: with the screening of “Dantza” this Sunday concluded the original proposal that combined cinema and gastronomy

    Co-Cinema Between Borders: with the screening of “Dantza” this Sunday concluded the original proposal that combined cinema and gastronomy

    The Co-Cinema Experience Between Borders closed this Sunday at the Imax of Knowledge with the film Dantza, premiered at the 66th San Sebastian International Film Competition, with which Telmo Esnal from Guipuzcoa manages to transform traditional Basque dances into a language that has been mixed the documentary with the representation.

    The Co-Cinema proposal included the screening of four different films, and a regional menu as a result of the culinary appropriation of the territories that were represented in each film.
    The movie “Dantza” captivated the spectators who filled the room, as happened from the first day with the avant premiere of “Cara Sucia, with the magic of nature”, by the missionary Gastón Gularte, the first children’s film of ” are living action “of the province, filmed entirely in the red earth.
    “Dantza”, which was screened on the Basque Identity Day, is in principle a tribute to fundamental culture, and to Basque in particular, with a display of dancers “dantzaris” where, in the absence of dialogue, movements, looks, gestures and sounds, because bodies speak.

    A story that pays homage to Basque culture

    “This movie is something more than a movie for me because it took a lot of effort to do it,” said the director.
    He began to devise it in 2011 and it was a very long process for a profound work that Esnal describes as “the most personal I did; but at the same time it is the most collective, because although I wrote and directed it, there are two essential people for the work, the sculptor Koldobika Jauregi, responsible for costume design, and Juan Antonio Urbeltz, an anthropologist and choreographer.

    Without them, I could have done it, but it would be another, not this wonderful movie, “says Esnal who practiced dance and danced in Cuba, in the United States, and in Europe, and that’s why she always believed that with traditional Basque dance one could count History as the Andalusians do with flamenco.
    That was his motivation: telling a story through dance, and the applause and the moving response of the audience, no doubt he got it.

    “It’s amazing to taste a menu inspired by my film”

    Before the screening, the Basque director participated in a gathering with the public in the corridor of Imax cinema, where he answered the concerns, and tasted the menu inspired by his film.
    “Today is a very special day to see ‘Dantza’ and to taste this food that they prepared in homage to her, because it is the Day of the
    Recognition of the Basque Nation.

    It seems amazing to me that they are capable of making a menu inspired by movies, it is a very interesting and tasty proposal to be able to taste it, “he said addressing the cooks Julio Salina, author of the menu with Raúl Slamovitz.

    “Making the menu of a film requires many elements, and we hope we have met the expectations of all the films,” said Salina, chef manager of Cocina Misionera.
    “In this case we work with Raúl basically in a fusion meal, punctually a Biscayan sauce made from chorizo ​​peppers, very similar to Mexican peppers, these are a little bit smoother and sweeter. Formerly used as a decoration, until they began to incorporate into the cuisine. That is the contaminated that gives color and sustenance to the menu, “he said.

    The apple, preponderant element

    “I took some liberty, emulating the film, of incorporating the apple that is preponderant and occupies almost all the spaces. That fruit softens the itch if you like, or smoked the chorizo, and sweetens it a little more.
    The contaminated is red onion that should be inevitable and bread crumbs, which I found interesting when I was studying how to make this recipe, “said Salina, who said that making the menu of a film requires many elements, and” we hope we have achieved the expectations of all those that were projected “, and recommended to those present that every day they find confidence in buying products from the Free Trade Fairs of Misiones.

    A pleasant drink and good taste

    The bartender created a drink inspired by “Dantza”, as he did from Thursday with the different films. “In the Basque film I worked on the ingredient that is seen in it, and I tried to do something similar, and that is enjoyable so that people can enjoy the taste when watching the film. It contains obviously those ingredients and a touch of missionary fruits that we always try to include in an infusion, as a way to make the rope have two points: a part is what we see of you (the directors) and our added value “, said Fracticelli.

    Movement in Focus shined in the closing of Co-Cinema

    After the tasting and before the screening, the dancer and choreographer, Gabilí Anadón, presented to Movimiento en Foco, which as the closing of the Co-Cinema Day Between Borders, made a performance that included the source that is in front of the Imax cinema , with the dancers Melisa Schuller, José Blanco, Mayra Maldonado and Rita Montiel, in homage to the film, and presented a video dance produced especially for this meeting.
    Gabilí recalled and invited to accompany on Sunday April 28, from 18.00, in the synthetic waterfall of the Costanera, to the great meeting that will be held for the Day of Dance. “I do not know if everyone knows; but we are the only province that has a Dance Law, so we are and we feel privileged “, defined the representative of the Provincial Dance Law Movement.

    Presence of the Basque community

    After watching the film, the audience that participated in the closure of the Comí program, returned to exchange questions with the director Telmo Esnal. Among those present was the president of the Basque Mission Center, Mariángeles Rosciani and the head of the Basque House “Eusko Etxea”, of Corpus, Olga Leisada.
    “For us, all of us who are part of the Basque community in Misiones, this is a very special moment, and for me personally I feel especially motivated, especially because I am the director of a Dance School, and I know the discipline, so we expected this movie a lot since it was announced and of course it seemed wonderful, and we are happy to meet the director, “said Mariángeles.

    Savor through the senses

    Minutes later, everyone could taste the “Dantza” menu and the drink prepared by Matías Fracticelli, made in contaminated with apple, in a very good combination.
    In films beyond their sounds or dialogues, each one sees other things in them, “The filmmakers show us stories with images. We, with the drinks and the meals, want people to see the films as well as taste them through the senses. We try to give it touch, aroma, sounds, colors, and above all, a lot of flavor “, concluded Fracticelli.

    The audience enjoyed the sets of the Dj, Martín Semilla, until Co-Cinema – with the presence of the president of the IAAviM, Axel Monsú, and the provincial head of Comí, Carlos Vedoya Recio, and the coordinator of the Space INCAA of the Knowledge Park , Noel Paredes- said goodbye hoping to repeat the experience next year.

    The activity was organized by the Government of the Province of Misiones, together from the Institute of Audiovisual Arts of Misiones (IAAviM), the Knowledge Park and the Missionary Cuisine Program (Comí), under the concept “Between Borders” in this first experience that presented the cinema and the gastronomy of the territories of Misiones, Eastern Paraguay, South of Brazil and Euskadi.

    Co-Cine had the support of the Municipality of Posadas, the INCAA Knowledge Space, the IMAX of Knowledge, Movement in Focus, Prosperitá Foundation and the endorsement of Eiken; Audiovisual Cooperation Network “Entre Fronteras”: Misiones, Paraguay and South of Brazil.- said goodbye hoping to repeat the experience next year.


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    Carrió, in Córdoba: “Thank God De la Sota died”

    Carrió, in Córdoba: “Thank God De la Sota died”

    The leader of the Civic Coalition arrived in the Mediterranean province to support the radical leader Mario Negri in the governor elections.

    The deputy Elisa Carrió arrived in Córdoba to support the candidacy for governor of Mario Negri but his visit was tainted by a new outburst. After yesterday associated the former Santa Fe governor Antonio Bonfatti with drug trafficking, the leader of the Civic Coalition pointed to former governor José Manuel De la Sota, who died last year: “Thank God, De la Sota died.”

    The outburst of Carrió came after, during an act in Cruz del Eje, was consulted by the complaints against their colleagues in the political system and remarked that if the former governor lived “yes they would know what is a whistleblower.” Immediately added that “what all Córdoba has to consider is who handles the drug from now”.

    On the other hand, the deputy reiterated her support to Negri: “I came for two reasons: first, because you all know that the authentic radicalism is represented in Cordoba by Mario Negri and by no one else; second, because the entire national board of Cambiemos held, supports and will sustain the candidacy of who deserves to be governor of Córdoba, by merit, not by demagogy. “

    “I can attest and put my hands in the fire for Mario Negri. He has been a banking partner for 24 years. He was the most studious and brilliant man who had radicalism in the Chamber of Deputies. Many times it was ignored by the supporters themselves, that’s why I left the game. In that brotherhood we had to live the most difficult moments against the menemism, against the Kirchnerism and the most difficult moments in the Alliance. We put together the Social and Civic Agreement that he won in 2009. That front was put together by three people: Mario Negri, Elisa Carrió and Gerardo Morales. It was the first victory against Kirchnerism, “recalled Carrió.

    In Cordoba, the stamp Change for internal differences in radicalism will not be used. Vidal will also arrive on Friday 26th to support Negri, who hopes to outlast Ramón Mestre, candidate for governor for the historic List 3.

    Negri paid for Carrio’s praise. “I want to thank Lilita enormously. The ills Carrio avoided in Argentina are enormous, she avoided them alone, while accusing her of being a denouncer, of being crazy. Lilita Carrió is the courage of Argentina and the Republic. It has been the voice of those who do not have voices, of those who knew that it was stolen and were afraid to speak, it was the voice of the institutions that were uncovered and that had to be recovered, “said the candidate for governor.

    After her sayings were viralized, the deputy posted a message on her Twitter account in which she apologized if she offended anyone: “The words can only be understood from the spiritual point of view and in the context they were said. At no time did I celebrate the loss of the former Governor De La Sota. Of those who do not believe, I can not take charge. I did not want to offend anyone and if I did my sincere apologies. “

    In this line, the Civic Coalition of Cordoba issued a statement: “The national deputy Elisa Carrio wishes to clarify that under no circumstances the meaning of his sentence was to express happiness or joy at the death of former Governor José Manuel De la Sota, but was framed in a political critique of his lack of combat against drug trafficking during his three terms under the command of the security forces in Cordoba. “

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    Humberto Schiavoni proposes to allocate 500 thousand underutilized hectares to family farming

    Humberto Schiavoni proposes to allocate 500 thousand underutilized hectares to family farming

    The candidate for governor for the Front Together for Change will head this Saturday an event in which all the municipal and provincial candidates that will compete throughout the province will be presented. He considered that the program of essential prices will be effective to combat inflation, which he acknowledged is a problem that “hits everyone”. He also affirmed that the provinces today receive more money from Nation than in 2015 and that allows most of them to be surplus.

    Humberto Schiavoni – Radio República

    The president of the national PRO and candidate for governor of Missions for the Front Together for Change indicated that on Saturday they will gather the more than 200 candidates to mayor who will compete for that front in the province in the June 2 elections in an act in which the candidates for provincial deputy will also be presented. “It’s going to be at La Aventura on Saturday afternoon. It is difficult to have all the candidates in the same place so we are going to take advantage of it to have a working day, “he said in a conversation with Radio República.

    Anticipated that during the campaign the front will not do many proselytizing acts but many meetings with neighbors. “The belief is to be close to listen to them, to know what their desires are, their projects. There are many activities of sublemas, the launches of the different candidates begin, we will be on Thursday in Apostles and on Friday in Puerto Rico and Garuhapé. “

    He explained that in the meetings the neighbors raise their particular problems, many of which correspond to the national orbit, but others more specific whose resolution corresponds to the Province or the municipalities. “The talk with the neighbors is very varied, they pose specific problems such as lack of cobblestone, lighting, there are neighborhoods that do not have water, in Alto Uruguay especially the complaints are for power outages, of course there are also national problems such as inflation and lack of work, “he said.

    He indicated that the main proactive axes of his campaign will be gathered in a document that is being finalized by the technical teams of the front. “It is an integral proposal for the modernization and development of Missions that will be presented in Posadas. They are 10 fundamental axes, it has to do with education, health, production, infrastructure. We have concrete and quantifiable proposals, “he said.

    He acknowledged that inflation is “a reality that can not be denied and hits us all fundamentally to wage earners”, but he hoped that the package of measures recently announced by the national government, which includes an agreement to sustain the prices of a series of products “will bring relief. As far as I could see, the prices shown in different supermarkets began to appear, apparently it started to work with the right foot. I think the package will be efficient against inflation, “he said.

    He indicated that one of his most concrete and ambitious proposals in the productive aspect aims to take advantage for the acquainted economy around 500 thousand hectares that “are encapueradas or underutilized” and destine them to the production of foods that currently come from outside the province. “We buy everything from outside, about 70% of the beef we eat, 60 percent of the pork and chicken meat also come from outside. When you cross the Uruguay River you have a thriving agriculture with consortiums and cooperatives that are leaders, but for that you have to work with state producers to provide technical and commercial assistance, as well as financing, “he said.

    Schiavoni recalled that he presented a bill financing agriculture acquainted. “A fund that proposes to concentrate funds that already exist but are dispersed among several ministries. Give a single application authority with a specific program that has axis in technical assistance and marketing.

    He also affirmed that the provinces are in a better financial situation than in 2015. “All the provinces are surplus. Misiones grew resources 62% compared to 2015 this allowed the provinces to have a surplus, “he said.

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    Eldorado: Severo Mendoza acquitted, the doorman accused of having abused a 7-year-old girl

    Eldorado: Severo Mendoza acquitted, the doorman accused of having abused a 7-year-old girl

    The subject was detained for more than two years. The judges granted him the benefit of the doubt.


    The Criminal Court No. 1 of Eldorado decided this afternoon to absolve Severo Mendoza of the crime of “seriously abusive sexual abuse qualified by the use of a weapon” against a 7-year-old girl.

    The case came to light in August 2016 when the mother of a student, who attended elementary school 129, reported that her daughter, who was currently in first grade, had been abused by the school’s doorman in the bathrooms. the institution, at knife point, in several opportunities. The girl had broken into tears while her mother

    “I was drying her after a bath, when she covered me that hurt her private parts. He immediately started to cry and said he did not want anyone to kill his little brother. I did not understand what he was saying and I asked him to calm down. Then she confessed that the doorman of her school, 129 of Kilometer 8, where she is in the first grade, lived it “judeando”, detailed the mother, very distressed, in a telephone conversation with Misiones Online in 2016.

    The medical examination that was carried out at that time to the girl determined that there was no penetration, but the family maintained that the girl suffered external injuries as a result of the groping of the accused.

    According to the mother, her daughter left the classroom because “the abuser threatened her and then insulted her in the bathroom”.

    Mendoza was arrested almost immediately and remained in that condition until this afternoon where the judges decided to grant the accused the benefit of the doubt, ordering his immediate release.

    During the oral trial, which began last Monday, April 15, no witness placed the accused with the minor. Both the directors and the teachers of School 129, who were given a statement, pointed out that they had never noticed strange movements in the bathrooms, or any suspicious behavior, either in the child or in the accused.

    Another argument in favor of the doorman was that of the forensic doctor who had signed the certificate stating the injuries in the intimate area of ​​the child, as he explained that they could have been due to a lack of hygiene or the rubbing of clothes.

    Finally, the magistrates made room at the request of the Public Prosecutor and Defense Ministry and dismissed the complaint. “I do not feel resentment and I do not hate or thirst for revenge. Finally justice was done “, were the first words of Mendoza to recover his freedom.

    Prisoner almost three years

    In a dialogue with Misiones Online, Severo Mendoza’s defense lawyer, Claudio Paniagua, stated that “my client was deprived of his freedom since the complaint, that is, since August 14, 2016 Severo Mendoza was arbitrarily deprived of his freedom. In August of this 2019 I would have served three years in prison. “

    “I think the case was handled badly from the beginning and for this reason an innocent and elderly man, with 33 years of service had to suffer in prison for almost three years and his family also suffered for all this,” he added.

    He also said that “everything revolved around the story of the child who at that time was 7 years old and testified in the Gesell Chamber, but look at yourself that the story could not be corroborated. Not one of the eleven abuses he had suffered supposedly could be substantiated, because neither his female colleagues, nor the teachers, nor the managers, nor the teachers ever saw the goalkeeper near the girl. And the cleaning of the girls’ bathroom is in charge of the caretaker, he did not clean it. Not even the medical examination could corroborate the abuse, because the small external injury that the girl presented could have been caused by the rubbing of her clothes “.

    He also said that Severo Mendoza is 63 years old and now he is retiring from his service, “the truth is that I admire his strength and I think this teaches us that we have to exhaust all possibilities first in terms of testing, before depriving someone of his freedom, “he said.

    On May 8, the court composed of judges Atilio Leon, Lyda Gallardo and María Teresa Ramos, will read the grounds for the acquittal of the doorman who was accused of sexual abuse in August 2016, and that this Tuesday, April 23, 2019 He officially regained his freedom.

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    Así fue el gol más rápido de la historia de la Premier League

    Así fue el gol más rápido de la historia de la Premier League
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    Mendoza: para evitar el abandono escolar, los alumnos de secundaria tendrán 15 días de licencia por paternidad

    Mendoza: para evitar el abandono escolar, los alumnos de secundaria tendrán 15 días de licencia por paternidad

    La Dirección Long-established de Escuelas oficializó que a todos los estudiantes adolescentes se les justificarán las faltas y se los incluirá en un régimen de escolaridad protegida.


    Los alumnos mendocinos que se conviertan en padres tendrán 15 días justificados por paternidad. Así lo resolvió la Dirección Long-established de Escuelas, que implementará una serie de medidas para que los estudiantes no pierdan la cursada y tengan un seguimiento del gabinete psicopedagógico. “Tendrán 15 días de licencia tal como los empleados estatales de la provincia. No se les computarán las inasistencias y se aplicará en cada caso una estrategia para que no pierda continuidad el proyecto pedagógico”, explicó Jaime Correa, titular de la Dirección Long-established de Escuelas ( DGE) a TN.com.ar.


    Esta es una de las novedades que ya salió publicada en la resolución del nuevo régimen académico de la provincia de Mendoza. Desde la DGE indicaron que lo que se busca es que la institución tenga conciencia de la situación por la que atraviesa el alumno y garantice que el chico siga conectado con la escuela.


    Siguiendo la misma línea de la ley, que regula las licencias para los empleados del Estado, al extenderse la licencia por paternidad a los trabajadores estatales, es que también se implementó para los alumnos que sean padres. “Buscamos brindarles facilidades, sin quitarles intensidad a su trayecto educativo. Para ello, se analizará cada caso y se trabajará con el gabinete psicopedagógico para entender cuál es el nivel de apoyo que necesita cada uno”.


    El funcionario sostuvo que la medida ayuda a visibilizar una realidad e intenta evitar la deserción escolar. Las instituciones tendrán un régimen de escolaridad protegida para acompañar tanto a los chicos como a las chicas que están en esta situación. “No se sabe estadísticamente cuántos pueden ser los varones, pero sí tenemos las estadísticas de las chicas embarazadas y eso nos da la pauta de que también hay adolescentes que son padres”.


    Del relevamiento en las escuelas secundarias estatales no técnicas surge el dato de que son alrededor de 700 adolescentes embarazadas sobre una matrícula de 70 mil alumnas. “Para ellas ya existía el régimen de lactancia y el sistema de escolaridad protegida. Ahora, los sumamos a ellos al programa especial de cursada y contención en el que se les sigue exigiendo académicamente pero con un margen de flexibilidad en las faltas y la posibilidad de clases semipresenciales con aulas virtuales”.


    La resolución 558 de la DGE sobre “Régimen Académico de las Escuelas del Nivel Secundario” indica que las medidas que conforman la protección integral se extenderán a la madre y al padre durante el embarazo, el parto y el período de lactancia, garantizando condiciones dignas y equitativas para el adecuado desarrollo de su embarazo y la crianza de su hijo.


    (Fuente: TN)

    The put up Mendoza: para evitar el abandono escolar, los alumnos de secundaria tendrán 15 días de licencia por paternidad regarded first on MisionesOnline.

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