A symbol of Paris for more than 600 years: what jewels could be lost

The restoration works in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Paris – or as it is known, Notre Dame – sparked a fire in the edifying part of the structure that for these hours sweeps away with a historical and cultural symbol of the French capital.

Paintings, sculptures such as the famous gargoyles, organs, stained glass windows, the famous bells and more than 670 years of history are in danger after the flames consumed part of the major dome and charged the cathedral spire that collapsed before millions of eyes.

In all parts of the world it was possible to see live and in direct how the Gothic building began to fall apart, which began to be built in 1163 and was completed in 1345 and which receives 12 million tourists a year.

The cathedral is famous for being the scene of multiple artistic and historical events. It is the scene of the novel “Our Lady of Paris” by Victor Hugo where characters such as the hunchback Quasimodo, and the place where Napoleon autocoronó emperor in 1802.

It is believed that the first stone was placed in the presence of Pope Alexander III. The project, carried out in different stages by different architects, responded to the prominent artistic movement of the time, the Gothic style.

Relics with centuries of history

On the altar of Notre Dame, the sculpture La Piedad by Nicolas Coustou, knowledge of the 8th century presides over the space surrounded by figures in the attitude of supplication of the kings Louis XIII (Coustou) and Louis XIV (Antoine Coysevox).

The space where the choir is located preserves long-established furniture from the 18th century with its typical Baroque decoration.

The stained glass windows, located everywhere in the form of windows as in their three rosettes, were placed, damaged and repaired at different times in history.

At a religious level there are elements that are believed to have been used by Jesus Christ during the Last Supper and his crucifixion as the Crown of thorns and one of the nails that would have been used during the sacrifice.

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