Almost 50 killed in attacks on two mosques in New Zealand that were broadcast on Facebook

Almost 50 killed in attacks on two mosques in New Zealand that were broadcast on Facebook

At least Forty 9 people have been killed and 20 others seriously injured in two terrorist attacks on two mosques in the city of Christchurch on the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand on Friday, police have confirmed. the prime minister of this country, Jacinda Ardern, in two press conferences.

The agents have arrested three people – at first there were four, but one has already been released because she was not involved in the killing – who kept explosives in their cars. This cloth has already been deactivated. None of those arrested was booked by the security forces. Ardern has also said that the shootings have left at least 20 seriously injured and that the country has raised the level of security to the maximum possible threats. Of the Forty 9 deceased, Forty one was in the Al Noory mosque and seven, in the Lindwood one. Another person lost his life in the health heart.

“It is clear that this can only be described as a terrorist attack. As far as we know, it seems that it was well planned, “said Ardern. One of the arrested has Australian nationality, so the authorities of this country are also participating in the investigations. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has linked the attacker to “right-wing extremists” and offered his support to the Muslim community. “We are very distressed, we are shocked, horrified and outraged. We absolutely condemn the attack that has taken place today by an extremist, a violent right-wing terrorist, “said Morrison. The agents have identified the Australian terrorist as Brenton Tarrant, originally from the State of New South Wales, as indicated by a police source on TVNZ television.

The images broadcast on the native television showed one of the detainees next to a white SUV that was hit by a police car. One of the shootings was broadcast live through social networks by the assailant, who appears in military clothes inside the cult center firing at point-blank range several people with an automatic weapon from which he changed the magazine at least twice. In one of the two mosques attacked in Christchurch, the third city of the country, had gathered between 300 and 500 people, according to some witnesses.

At the press conference held this afternoon by New Zealand police commissioner Mike Bush, he explained that charges of murder have already been brought against one of the detainees. The agent has also reported that the defendant is a man of about 30 years who will go to court this Saturday. Of the other three arrested, Bush has indicated that two of them had weapons and that their involvement in the killing is being investigated. The fourth person arrested after the attack had no connection with the case and has been released. In addition, the commissioner has explained that the agents no longer look for more suspects.

One of the attackers has taken responsibility for the attacks and has left a Seventy manifesto four pages explaining the reasons for the shootings. It says it is a terrorist act, as reported by the Associated Press news agency. In the social networks the text has also circulated at first, which includes pejorative qualifiers against Muslims. “He is clearly a white supremacist who has planned this for two years,” said a security analyst at Radio Recent Zealand.

The police have closed the entrances to the city center and have called the population to stay in their homes. “Close your doors until you hear from us again,” said Commissioner Mike Bush. One witness has told the One Recordsdata station that “there was blood everywhere.” “I was horrified to hear the shots. There is no justification for this kind of hatred. “ The maximum level of alert decreed by the authorities has led to the closure of all mosques in the country for security, while all schools and public buildings in Christchurch are also closed.

According to another witness, one of the assailants wore a helmet, glasses and military jacket, and used an automatic weapon. Several members of the Bangladeshi cricket team were heading towards the mosque just as the first shots fired. This Saturday they planned to play a match against New Zealand that has been canceled after the attack. Mohan Ibrahim, who was close to one of the religious temples attacked, has assured the Recent Zealand Herald that they suddenly saw everyone running. “I still have friends there. I have been calling them but I have not been able to locate many of them. “

Jacinda Ardern has assured that it is “one of the darkest days for New Zealand”. In a press conference, he denounced that it is “an extraordinary and unprecedented act of violence”. On the motivations of the attack, Ardern has said that among the victims there could be refugees and migrants. Source: El País Internacional

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