Cristina's trip to Cuba raised questions about her political futu

“My opinion is that it does not make any sense that Cristina (Fernández de Kirchner) is a candidate if the subjection and the microclimate in which she has to move is this madness, this hatred, this viscerality of citing her to eight inquiries in a single day, something that seems naturalized in Argentina “. The sentence of Eduardo Valdés, former ambassador to the Vatican and steady nexus with the Peronism of the former President, ignited certain alerts in the PJ awaiting a nomination.

The reasoning that shook the political system yesterday, even reaching the Casa Rosada where they want more than several that the senator is an opponent of Mauricio Macri at the polls, came after an emergency trip to Cuba at dawn yesterday.

With a video, after Clarín gave the scoop of the judicial notification to leave the country, Cristina Kirchner herself revealed that her daughter Florencia suffers from a health problem that prevented her from leaving the island.

“Not only are the rights of citizens who are opponents violated, but also all the rights of our children and our daughters are violated,” the video posted on their social networks, with images of their daughter and a story in their Voice-over, for moments that breaks. Without appointing Judge Claudio Bonadio, the former president pointed out Justice, stating that, “product of the fierce persecution to which she was subjected (Florence) began some time ago to have severe health problems.” And he accused the “brutal stress he suffered devastating his body.”

Although they did not disclose the diagnosis, even Valdés himself had to go out to clarify that it was not anorexia, since the Patria Institute slipped that it would be a psychological picture, which ended up somatizing: his mother revealed that she can not stand for a long time . Clarín revealed yesterday that he suffers from lymphedema, an obstruction of the lymphatic system, which causes swelling.

The news generated a stir in the social networks, with unfortunate comments, for the judicial causes that afflict the young woman and even speculating that in Cuba there is no extradition. “I ask those who hate us to prefer to mess with me, but not with her,” ends the video of Cristina Kirchner, which generated a hashtag #FuerzaFlorencia.

With regard to the video, which was also read with a political tone on the part of the antikirchnerismo, without revealing too many details, from the Fatherland they responded that it was done “because we knew that Bonadio was going to filter the information”.

Contrary to the opinion of Valdés, in the environment of CFK did not mix both situations. “One thing is Cristina mother, who wants to be with her daughter, and another political Cristina, who can campaign to get the macrismo out of power”, they reflected, when in some sectors they applaud the irruption of Roberto Lavagna.

“Even if she (for the former president) takes refuge in her house, do not write in their networks, do not talk, do nothing, they will continue to persecute you (for Justice) Florence will be exposed whether she is a candidate or not” , added in the Homeland.

In a week, as notified to the courts (has no ban on leaving the country), the former president will return to the country. It is expected some signal that, although it will play to the traditional mystery Okay, follows in the race.

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