Fears before Brexit reached the European art market

Great Britain consolidated itself as the second art market in the world in recent years. The main galleries and auction houses are very active there and have surpassed the Chinese market.

Although forty four% of the market is located in the United States, London always has the appeal of the best antique dealers and a rebirth of contemporary art galleries. As is customary at the end of February, London is the capital of the market and its auctions and exhibitions are the most important in the world.

In four sales of modern and impressionist art, Sotheby’s sold America130 million. With a painting by Claude Monet that was sold in America36.5 million, being the greatest value for a painting of his made in Venice. There are other four sold in similar values ​​and it was not a very high price, but other two works with themes of water lilies did not find a buyer due to their high bases.

Very good was the price of an atypical Egon Schiele boat that was sold in America14 million, and expertise expected the sale in America8 million of a typical Kandinsky. Very good was the sale of a bronze horse by Edgar Degas that had been sold in America1, eight million four years ago, now reached the America4 million.

Sotheby’s did not present any quantity or quality of lots, hoping to make a more important auction in May in Manhattan, and when it presented its year-end numbers, an increase in its profits was noticed and that led to an increase of 10% of its action in the market that gives the company a value of America2000 million and a gross income that surpasses the US900 million with estimated sales in America5000 million and a strong increase in the private sales that reduce the volume of the sales of the art.

Christie’s wants to take advantage of the tax advantages that London still has for its stay in the European Union and led an extraordinary sale with six unforgettable sales that raised US $ 260 million. The most prized work was a small still life of Paul Cézanne of 38×46 cm that reached America28 million of sale. He had not been in the market for forty years.

The magnificent pointillist port of Paul Signac exceeded all records and was sold in America25.6 million, it is an extraordinary work of the author and it will be difficult to surpass this record. The same can be said of the beautiful landscape with characters from Gustave Caillebotte, who reached the 22 million Americans, forgotten for a long time. Now everyone wants to have works of this patron and fabulous painter.

The Swiss Felix Vallotton also grows in demand and prices, and a small street scene reached the US3 million. Good value for the elegant lady of the unforgettable Giovanni Boldini that was sold in america1, forty five million. The small Degas, of South American origin, exceeded all expectations and was sold in America5.5 million, after being in the same qualified family for Eighty years.

The two auctions of surrealist paintings were a success and the star is still René Magritte. In two weeks the deadlines for an agreed exit of the European Union on the part of Great Britain are finished, the laboristas are against to the agreed thing by the prime minister May perchance perchance well well, and heavy clouds announce a painful and controverted exit.

Everyone laments the referendum that has led to this. Many operators will leave London as a place for their business and will surely go to the United States. France, the second European market, only represents 6% of the art market and I do not think it absorbs many operations.

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