Inauguration of the Art Exhibition “Expo Dim” by illustrators and illustrators missionaries

Inauguration of the Art Exhibition “Expo Dim” by illustrators and illustrators missionaries

Today a new exhibition is inaugurated in the Art Space of the UGD, Gastón Dachary University, Colón and Salta, made by “EXPO DIM”: Illustrators and Illustrators missionaries. It will be held at the headquarters, from 7.30 pm.

Oscar Mariano Iñones, member of the group of cartoonists and illustrators missionaries, said “since 2015 we are a subsidiary and we organize ourselves in this respect, perhaps with some difficulties, but fortunately we are already a fairly consolidated group. We are inviting and calling for illustrators and illustrators from the province to integrate this group that claims to be a subsidiary of the Association of Cartoonists of Argentina “

The proposal of this exhibition is that each artist prints his “look” with images in black and white, full color and sepia, which mix the manga style, with realistic and caricature drawings.

In this sense, Iñones commented “in our link with art and culture, spontaneously from the UGD they offered us the possibility of exhibiting in the Art Space. We have organized ourselves, in order to expose 12 illustrators and illustrators that somehow entail the term of artists but simply what we want is to show our type of work and our styles. That is the idea, so that the public in general and other disciplines know that there are different types of illustrators and illustrators in the province with their different styles. In this variety, in this context of plurality, it is that it was the idea of ​​calling it EXPO DIM because we are a diverse group and the idea is to let us know and spread what we do “

About the 12 illustrators and illustrators

Guillermo Silveira is a professor and graduated in plastic arts, graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the National University of La Plata. He participated in several individual and group shows of drawing, painting and sculpture in the province of Misiones and others. He also works as a teacher in several Posadas public schools.

Aníbal García “Kyón” is fond of manual and digital drawing. He made missionary comics since he was a child. Drawer of the Prisma magazine and founder of the “Gami Team”. He developed several own comics and his trusty work is Dengueman 2.

Gisela Duarte is a professor of visual arts, audiovisual designer, artistic producer. He drew since he was 9 years old and he likes the abstract symbolic. He exhibited at Gobernación 2010, Hall Isarm from 2007 to 2011, Knowledge Center and Braulio Areco Museum 2012.

Carla Grisel Silva has a degree in plastic arts from UNaM-Oberá. Currently, she works as an independent artist and as a teacher in the drawing workshop of the municipal program “MejorArte”.

Fiorella Pesoa studied at the BOP n.9, with orientation in visual arts (mainly ceramics), currently studying the Quarto año del profesorado en Artes Visuales at ISPAR del Montoya. Acquired experience with oil, watercolor and illustrative drawing and cartoon.

Hector Javier Ruidías exercises drawing, painting, illustration and comics. He participated in some cartoon competitions, being awarded on one occasion for a contest carried out by the magazine Mbarigüí. He also had some participation in collective exhibitions. Currently, he focuses on digital illustration and painting.

Gabriel Nicolás Bianchi is a portraitist born in Posadas on July 23, 1987. He began professionally with drawing in May 2009 and in October 2014 he exhibited for the first time in the Multicultural Space. Thus he came to exhibit in different places, including Government House in the year 2017. In the past year he participated in the Festival del Litoral on the biggest stage painting live.

Juan Díaz Colodrero studied social communication, and his taste for art, led him to specialize in photography, manipulation of it and audiovisual editing. Although it is dedicated to institutional communication, it does not stop researching and developing new plastic and digital techniques.

Daniel Castelnovo is a teacher of visual arts in secondary schools. Performs work related to traditional illustration as digital. Participated in Local and National Events, eg MICA (C.AB.A.). In process it has several comics of its authorship pending to publish. Dedicated as an educator and as an artist, he encourages others in the constancy of their Projects.

Miguel Miño “Migix” from a young age participated in the computer supplement of the First Edition newspaper: CyberEdi in conjunction with another artist, opening the way for exhibitions, in the 9 de julio square, in the Juan Yaparí museum, in the former gallery of the Instituta Saavedra. Participation in a comic magazine of this locality – Mision Comic. Exhibition at the Paintings Café, in Sinestesia / Av. Miter. He recently exhibited at the Art Fair of the Knowledge Center with pictures referring to a last project under construction on droll based on myths and legends of the region. Drawing styles always based on the genre of fiction and fantasy.

Jorge Marcelo Lescano “Lesca” is self-taught with technical studies and faculty in Visual Arts and Graphic Design. Participated in Collective Samples and Editorial Contests. Cogestor of the Rev. Mision Comic. He participated in different Events, Local, Provincial and in Enc. Py.y in Bs.As. Comicópolis. Generated own comics published and unpublished. He dictated drawing workshops and teaches in secondary public schools.

Oscar Mariano Iñones “Omi” is self-taught, with artistic training and graphic design since he was young. He attended training with important local and national referents. He participated in the Edicomic supplement of the First Edition newspaper, in different publications and Book Illustrations. Generó with colleagues the magazine mission droll. He participated in several exhibitions and provincial events and in Paraguay he gave workshops. Recognized by the character MATILDO. In Bs.As with the Sub-secretary of culture Prov./MICA/Tecnópolis, Comicópolis, Federal Meetings, Cultural Center ex Correo Arg./Bs.As. Manager of the DIM Group He also teaches drawing and painting workshops in the “MejorArte” program.

The exhibition will be open to the public until May 16 with free admission.


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