National and international meeting of Behavioral Sciences will be held in Posadas in the month of August

National and international meeting of Behavioral Sciences will be held in Posadas in the month of August

The president of the Argentine Association of Behavioral Sciences, Doctor in Psychology and Researcher of CONICET, Laura Oros, together with the secretary of the Association, licensed in Psychology, Sonia Chemisquy, referred to Misiones On Line TV’s studies at the next Meeting national and international sciences that will be held in the month of August in the Knowledge Center, in addition to addressing other issues related to behavioral studies.

First, Dr. Oros mentioned the Argentine Association of Behavioral Sciences, explaining that it is a non-profit association made up of professors and researchers from national and private universities throughout the country, CONICET researchers, psychologists, sociologists, biologists, doctors, ethologists, specialists in education and neurosciences, with the aim of promoting the development of scientific research and teaching.

The graduate Chemisquy said that the Association is organizing for August 28, 29 and 30, in the Knowledge Center the National and International Meeting of the Knowledge Sciences where conferences will be held by international speakers from Brazil, United States of North America, England, Belgium, Spain and nationals with diverse themes for professionals and undergraduate and graduate students, given that the Association is also made up of a good number of undergraduate students interested in scientific research and in remaining trained.

As a CONICET researcher, Dr. Oros stressed that the thematic diversity is very broad and within psychology there are many branches for scientific research, mentioning that in her particular case she is dedicated to the child’s emotional and social development.

The study focuses on situations that facilitate children to express positive emotions such as gratitude, tranquility, sympathy that “are emotions that prevent situations of ‘Bulling’, conflicts in school. It is one of the lines that I am passionate about and others of the lines that we are working with the graduate Chemisquy has to do with the study of perfectionism in childhood “.

In this area they commented that they look for the causes that make children reach the psychological consultation with perfectionist traits, “a 10 does not reach, 9 is insufficient, they want to be always better and that brings with it many inconveniences. We have been studying feelings of depression, of loneliness, a series of important issues. “

Regarding the social pressure on these behaviors, they said that although there is a component that has to do with social pressure, there is also a component that is part of the personality because “each person reacts in different ways to that social pressure, as well as families are configured in different ways, then there are people in whom these perfectionist traits become very strong and develop tendencies to get too frustrated, to get angry with oneself when things go wrong and that leads to more vulnerability to develop problems. “

The professionals added that human behavior is very interesting because the influences are so many and multiple that it is difficult to identify only one of them, “today we live in a society with a lot of demand that makes the boys develop with a very high level of demand, it is a subject that interests us a lot because it leads to quite negative consequences. “

They stressed that their line of work is focused on both components of the relationship, both parents and children. “What we were observing that the trend of child perfectionism began sixteen years ago, since we have been collecting scientific evidence, there is a very important acquainted component, there are dads and moms who are very perfectionist and that makes the boys more likely to develop this dysfunction and there are certain parenting and educational practices that also facilitate these types of perfectionism in childhood so we have to work with parents, with children and also with teachers, because they are one of the first figures that detect indicators of perfectionism in school “.

Dr. Oros said that one of the biggest challenges for psychologists and researchers is not only to write books and magazines, but also to bring those conclusions to the community and to society, “that reaches parents, teachers, to those who work with vulnerable populations so that they have tools and can contribute a grain of sand from their place “.

They considered as very important and positive changes that are made in defense of rights, women, men, “are always important, have a place and be heard. There have been interesting changes, like everything sometimes the issues are taken a bit to the extreme and makes some populations are more affected than others, but the defense of human rights will always be something that contributes to progress and growth ” .

On social networks in the problem of child perfectionism said that “the perfectionist self-presentation is the tendency to want to be perfect, is something that appears in social networks in a very strong way, which shows a happy face, that everything is fine that there are no conflicts versus what one lives in everyday life and the boys are very susceptible to what is seen. The best thing about social networks is that you can see in acquainted company, that the family mediates between the adolescent child and the technology that there may be a follow-up of what you are doing, that there is an explanation of what is being done. well, do not leave it alone, parental mediation is the most important thing “

Finally, they highlighted that the August meeting is an obedient space for exchange because there will be a presentation of unpublished, innovative works and proposals that will be evaluated by a scientific committee until June 4. Consultations on the website (2019 events).


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