Sadem Joven integrated a National Anthology that was presented at the Buenos Aires Book Fai

Sadem Joven integrated a National Anthology that was presented at the Buenos Aires Book Fai

Four young missionary writers belonging to the Argentine Society of Writers Misiones filial participated in the Youth Anthology in federal assembly “Voices of the Young Wind”, which was presented on Saturday eleven May at 2:30 pm in the Sala Alejandra Pizarnik Fair Book International of Buenos Aires, in the Palermo Trade Fair.

The Anthology was published by Sade Forencio Varela, a subsidiary of the Argentine Society of Writers, owned by María Encarnación Nicolás, who published a total of Forty two authors from all over the country. Missions participated: Sofía Belén Martinez, Valeria Dávalos, Valentina Mourelos and Lara Cáceres.

The presentation was accompanied by the President honorem advisor of the Sadem, Anibal Silvero, who has been the Institution’s owner for ten years in Misiones.

The Argentine Society of Writers Misiones subsidiary is a nonprofit institution that has been operating since the eighties in the Province, and whose members work voluntarily for the dissemination and promotion of writers and the appreciation of the letters of the red earth

Sadem Joven is a Commission created by young missionaries related to Literature within the Argentine Society of Writers Missions filial, and according to the statement of its members, “the important goal is to make known to the young missionaries who are writing, generating this means to continue knowing and produce the generational change in the world of provincial literature. Producing also one more way to promote Missions through letters allowing an open door for young writers, “said the young founders of the space, at whose head is the poet Sofia Martinez.

Total of participating authors (in alphabetical order):
Acosta, David
Aguirres, Alma
Arriola, Javier Emanuel
Benítez Soto, Ezequiel Francisco
Boquicio, Nina Renata
Bordoy, Juan Cruz
Cabrita da Graça, Arturo
Cáceres, Lara Agustina
Cardozo, Nicolás Ezequiel
Chialva, Alan Carlos
Colombo Migliorero, José Nicolás
Cotta, Lucas Emanuel
Cuello, Lourdes Florence
Da Silva, Jonathan Ezequiel
Davalos, Valeria Andrea
Domingo Rimoldi, Carolina Elena
Etcheverry Rodas, Roque Nahuel
Fernández, Rodrigo Martín
Fiorentini, Emanuel
Golbach, Rocío
Gómez, Sergio Nahuel
González, Luz Oriana
Hoyos, Yanina Paola
Huarte, Maribel Daniela
Churches Zanet, Flavia
Martínez, Hernán Maximiliano
Martínez, Sofía Belén
Montenegro, Ramiro
Extra, Nair
Mourelos, Valentina Elizabeth
Navarro, Iván Cruz
Nuñez, Carina Johana
Ottonello, Mariana
Peace, Leandro Juan Gabriel
Perea Acosta, Ana Sofia
Perezlindo, Cristian Marcelo
Pineda Olima, Rosalí Micaela
Rodríguez Salinas, Macarena
Scalise, Celeste
Sosa, Anabel Alejandra
Suarez de Olivera, Ivana Carolina
Zeballos, Maia Jasmine

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