Stelatto confirmed his candidacy for mayor of Posadas, and said he will work on the ordering of traffic, waste collection and services and structural works

Stelatto confirmed his candidacy for mayor of Posadas, and said he will work on the ordering of traffic, waste collection and services and structural works

The right president of the provincial roads directory (DPV) and candidate for mayor of the city of Posadas, Leonardo Stelatto, in the Misiones OnLine studies , commented on the works that the DPV is currently carrying out and advanced some guidelines of its program for the city of Posadas.

About those who will accompany him on the list of councilors, said that two young people will be included in the list of councilors, Facundo López Sartori and Belén Hernández, “we would say that mixture of experience and youth where those who already have a little more experience need the vitality of young people to carry out interesting projects for the city. “

One hundred bridges

Consulted on the project of the hundred bridges that was widely surpassed in the facts by Provincial Road, Stellato explained that “today we have finished a hundred thirty bridges, we are under construction A hundred and seventy and surely by the end of this year we will be finishing the 200 bridges “.

He added that there were also many interesting works such as “Provincial Route 8, a very emblematic work for the downtown area, we are finishing the bridge works on the El Torto stream that is very important for the transit of the entire coastal area of ​​the Uruguay River , we have finished the bridge over the Acaraguá stream and we have also done very important works for the province both in the interior and in Posadas “.

The Vialidad president stressed that “one of the programs highly valued by the municipalities is the pavement on paving that is being carried out as it was done in other years and this year we will close approximately one thousand blocks throughout the province.”

Regarding the works that take place in the capital city, Stelatto said that it is working hard in Posadas, “we have started from the paving on cobblestones in avenues that had no circulation such as Las Heras, Santa Cruz in the final stretch, Zapiola, Jauretche, We have repaved the Tambor de Tacuarí and la Lavalle, part of Corrientes Avenue. In the microcenter in several blocks, we are finishing Santa Fe street, a section that was quite deteriorated and we will continue with the Santa Catalina and we have many works in progress for those sectors where the asphalt did not arrive in the avenues and we are already starting with these works as Aguado Avenue, Monseñor de Andrea.

Tender access depth

He also referred to the tender that will open this week highlighting that it is a commitment of the governor (Hugo Passalacqua) to provide it with paved access and for that “the basic work and paving of the provincial route 204 are being tendered, which are approximately 10 km , actually part of the route 204 that goes up to Fachinal, we do at this moment up to depth. A work that is expected to be completed in approximately 18 months, “noting that it is a work with provincial funding, like all the works we have mentioned.”

Program for Posadas

Consulted about his candidacy to mayor of Posadas and how he is preparing for it, Stelatto commented that, “we are with a group of technicians making a diagnosis of all the needs for the city. In nefarious to that we have determined some important points to play in a government program that we are developing, such as garbage, transit, urban passenger system, go see all those issues with the technicians responsible for those for everything that is service to the community. That the entire transit system works correctly, urban passenger transport, garbage collection and that we also have the maintenance of the road. There are many tasks, many fronts and we are studying all the subjects to develop it in a program that we are going to announce as a platform “.


Regarding transit said that “the essential challenge is to solve accessibility issues of the microcenter, there are many schools within the micro center and we have that at peak times it is practically impossible to reach or in some sectors leave some neighborhoods, then we must look for ways or the definitions of hand, contramano, of some punctual situation to give speed to the traffic and that is fluid, that we do not have inconveniences of being waiting in a crossing 5 or 10 minutes “.

He also commented that they are studying a transit system and urban passenger transport “to see how we can modernize it according to the needs of our city is very important work system that we are raising and studying.”

He defined himself as a man of always doing things with responsibility “with a lot of dedication and studying each one of the issues to solve in the best way, endowing me with technical people, young people that allow me to solve those things that are necessary for the city. Once we have the diagnosis, move on to the planning and then finish with the correct execution of the situation. “

Finally, reviewing what is pending in Roads for this year, Stelatto stressed that “we have many pending works and will surely be executed,” stressing that his point of view, “what is essential is the maintenance of what is the road crimson our , today we have three thousand km of provincial routes of which 50% is paved, the rest is terraced, but we also have practically 25 thousand km more of local roads that have to be maintained and I believe that the important challenge is to maintain the all that road crimson that is very important for the area and the productivity of the province. “


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