The anesthetist Gerardo Billiris was sentenced to 14 years in prison for sexual abuse and attempted femicide against a young woman

The anesthetist Gerardo Billiris was sentenced to 14 years in prison for sexual abuse and attempted femicide against a young woman

The prosecutor had asked for 28 years for Billiris, convicted for attempted femicide, aggravated sexual abuse and narcotics supply also aggravated, because of his medical condition, against María Belén Torres.


The anesthetist Gerardo Billiris, accused of attempted femicide, aggravated sexual abuse and drug supply against María Belén Torres – a girl he had met through a social crimson – was sentenced to 14 years in prison. The public relations man Juan Martín Mercado received a penalty of six and Christopher Rosenthal, who was also accused, was acquitted.

Billiris had a request against him for 28 years in prison by prosecutor Marcelo Colombo, who considered that the facts were committed within the framework of a “well-known inequality of position between the victimizer and the victims”, and that this inequality is “traversed by the underestimation of the role of women.” For his part, Fernando Burlando, a prosecuting attorney, had requested a 50-year sentence.

“He wanted to rape me, he did not get it and he went to kill me,” said the young woman in the previous one, who made it clear that she does not believe Billiris – who attacked her in 2017 – is “sorry” for what she did, as the defendant stated. before Justice. “Billiris’ lawyer (Ramón Abrigos) said that his client does not remember what he did at that moment. I would like to give him a photo so he can remember how he left me, to see how he explains that to his daughter tomorrow, “he said.

Billiris is also accused of another case. The first occurred in 2012. A young model denounced him for having raped and drugged her with the public relationsist Juan Martín Mercado, who is also sitting on the bench.

Meanwhile, around noon this Thursday, the anesthetist made use of his last words before knowing the decision of the Justice. “I never wanted to do what I did,” Billiris said, adding: “I want to finish with drugs, be the person I was and especially be able to raise my daughter.”


The case

The girl had met the anesthetist for Tinder and, after exchanging some messages, he offered her a job. According to the young woman, at first she distrusted but later she was able to verify that Billiris generation coordinator of Pediatric Anesthesiology of the Scientific institution Military and served her the proposal.

The day she almost disfigured her with blows, when they finished working, he offered her drugs and she accepted even though she did not use them. After several hours the anesthetist began to convulse, Bethlehem tried to help him and Billiris reacted with excessive violence: he ground her with punches and kicks all over her body and particularly in her face.

The girl managed to open the apartment door in Palermo and ask for help. Although a neighbor helped her, she fell unconscious shortly thereafter and was transferred to the Scientific institution Rivadavia. Meanwhile, the police arrested the 41-year-old anesthetist.

Billiris arrived at the trial detained with preventive detention in the prison of Ezeiza, in an area dedicated to inmates with psychiatric and addiction problems. The place is guarded by a large part of the private security and has several cameras because it is a sector that is more open than the rest of the modules.

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