With stoppage in progress, the CGT requires quarterly peer review

With stoppage in progress, the CGT requires quarterly peer review

Hector Daer, one of the members of the driving duo of the CGT, justified the new stoppage set by the central for next May 29 and, after warning about the difficulties of the unions to close their respective joint, said that the genuine economic scenario with rising inflation wage increases should be reviewed on a quarterly basis. “What you have to do is guarantee the purchasing power, there will be different mechanisms and engineering In an inflation with these values, you can not take the revisions to more than three months, at the most four,” said the leader in his speech yesterday. the framework of the Amcham Summit, where he shared a panel with the Secretary of Labor, Lucas Fernández Aparicio.

Daer emphasized that the wage concern was one of the axes of the extensive deliberation held on Tuesday by the leadership of the CGT and in which it was decided to move forward with the call for a new strike, the fifth of the entity against the economic policy of the Change management. “This is one of the issues that we discussed a lot, and that reflects the stoppage of activities, because there are many difficulties in recomposing salary in joint,” he said.

And he expanded the idea: “Some of us could recover everything from the parity (of 2018), but in truth, we have all lost, because the salary, in terms of spending, was affected by the growing weight of the rates in the income” of Workers.

On the other hand, after renewing his questions against the economic model of the administration of Mauricio Macri, the union leader marked the limits to the possibility of advancing with a broad labor reform. “New technologies deserve a regulatory framework, but we can not transform job expectancy into a loss of rights,” he said, before strongly rejecting the alternative of a labor relationship marked by productivity. “That leads to social dumping,” he complained.

On Tuesday, a circumstantial alliance between the powerful transport unions, barrio-university unions and a group of ex-Moyanists forced the leadership of the CGT to go on the offensive in its confrontation with the Government and, despite the discrepancy of the more moderate sectors of the power station and a discussion of almost Four hours, the entity announced a new overall stop for next May 29. The measure of force will materialize just four days after the new cessation of activities that will meet on May 25 public transport unions, led by the UTA and The Fraternity, under the umbrella of the belief of not providing services during the holidays in repudiation for the impact of the Income Tax on their salaries.

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